FAQ’s – Take All Rubbish

Read carefully answers to the most important questions that ask about waste rubbish removal services by customers.

Q. What kinds of rubbish can you take?

A. We can take all kinds of rubbish except for edible waste; food waste.

Q. Will you remove single items?

A. Yes. We do even a very small job diligently.

Q. Do you provide the human resources to do the loading?

A. Yes, we do all the work. You don’t need to do anything.

Q. Do you clear-outs of garages, houses, units, etc.?

A. Yes. Our men will do all the clear outs.

Q. Do you recycle?

A. Our team of specialists will collect rubbishes and carry them off through trucks to the appropriate place for recycling.

Q. Do you do demolition?

A. Yes. We do demolition job also.

Q. Should certain wastes be separated before your arrival?

A. The separation will be helpful. Mixed rubbish causes higher cubic meter hence drive the price upward. Please, ask our specialists to know more about that.

Q. How much time do you require?

A. For most jobs, it is usually one day. For more complicated work, we survey, take stock and then ascertain.

Q What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Cash, card, cheque, etc

Q. Do I have to pay for a full truck? What if I only have a ¼ of a truckload of rubbish?

A. No! You only pay for the rubbish that we take away. Our quantity is based on cubic meters.